The wind started to blow again from the south, and as it picked up – so did the fishing. The Southwest winds brought in the bait and the predators were fast on their tails.

5/1 – I had a great time, AS ALWAYS, with Hardy and Phil today. As always – great company and awesome attitudes make for a wonderful time on the water. These two have fished with me several times in the past, and while we have never really caught numbers, we have always appreciated every single thing that happens.  

The Jacks decided not to bite today which was a bit frustrating as they were hitting everything the day before but today would just follow the boat around in huge schools. However, we were able to rope in a few Bonito, some nice snapper blues and Donald landed a really nice albie that absolutely smoked the spinning reel! The Fish were scattered, and while we had a  few bites, the yo-zuris on the troll was the most effective presentation. Today I think we had probably 4 break-offs today with braided line due to just pure bad luck – haven’t had any others the entire season! Just a couple of those fish would have turned our day from a good one into a GREAT one.

The highlight of the day – hands down – was our first fish. Frank caught it himself – he cast a stingsilver, worked it in and the nice Bonito slammed it. You would not believe the smile he had for the rest of the day!

Frank’s Bonito all by himself – one of the best fish I have ever had a client catch.


4/29 – Ron and I just had a blast today – another great day with a great angler. I was a bit down in the dumps due to the previous several slow days but  today the wind started to come out of the South, only about 10 knots, but it was enough to get things started. I was marking more bait than I had in a week and we managed to yank a bonito out on the blind. We also lost a couple and found a few scattered fish busting.

The surprise, and it was a good one, was that the Amberjacks decided that they wanted to eat every single thing that hit the surface of the water. The were piling on our poppers like they hadn’t eaten in months. Ron had some of the best strikes I have ever seen, and he was able to land two really big 40lb+ jacks. No numbers today – just quality fish.