First of all – let me say this. What fantastic fishing and what TERRIBLE weather. I think I’ve had my worst cancellation rate for May that I’ve ever had. However, when I get out – we are absolutely SMOKING the fish. Bonito, big blues, a decent flounder bite – and today (5/14) – we even had a few shots at cobia and AJs!

5/14 – I fished today with regular client, Win, who usually hits the reds and trout with me…well, today we decided to go after some toothy critters on the fly in the Big Water. We found a few Bonito early – landing 1 on the 5 weight and a few bite offs. Then we managed a few big spanish on the fly (I even got to land one!).

Then [b]we saw two big cobia[/b] and had a half-way decent shot at them….and after that…we hit the motherload of amberjack that were on the surface tearing baitballs of tiny bay anchovies and spearing to pieces. It was tough fly fishing – but win managed to hook two 20-30lb Amberjacks that were busting bait….but our 8 weights were no match and they eventually worked their way free. But it was INCREDIBLE! AJs on baitballs – there’s a first for everything!!

I even got to land one!

5/13 – North winds, 25-30 knots

5/14 – W/NW winds 30-35 knots.

5/11 – E/SE winds 20-25 knots

5/10 – Fished with regular clients, the Wrights (aka, the “FISH MOJO DUO”). No Bonito this morning – so went on to play with the big blues and we found a decent scattered bite that peaked in the early afternoon (and just better during the course of the day). We caught them on bait, jigs, plugs – and of course – topwaters. It was more great stuff – and we had a BLAST. The flounder bite was a little slack today, we lost several and had a nice 3lb fish for dinner. I also found a motherload of AJs but we simply could not interest them.

Great job guys!

5/8 – I had a no show today – first 1 in two years. I wasn’t very happy. Thanks man. I sure had fun with the bones and blues – wish you could have been there.

5/7 – After a brief morning hiccup, I took out Jason and ROGER for some good mixed bag fishing. We found some small, but very picky, Bonito first thing – they were eating very small baits and its one of maybe two times I’ve seen that. We still managed some bites and we moved on and found a better bite and hooked several bones right away….and, whelp, we had a bunch of them come unbuttoned.

Then we worked the blues – while the bite was not as good as the week prior, they were still around in good numbers and we landed several nice fish.

When the bluefish bite slowed, we decided to bucktail some flounder – and we downright smoked the gulf flounder (by 2008 standards, that is). We had 7 keepers between 2 and 4lbs, several shorts and we must have pulled off/lost at least 10 nice flatties. It could have been an epic day – but I’ll take a “great” day any time! 😀