Yesterday, after having finally found (and hooked) a few nice Bonito yesterday, I was off in the early hours to search for more with my friend Captain Scott Crocker of [url][/url]. So we loaded up my Parker and headed on out.

The fish required some new tactics to produce a strike, but it didn’t take long. Once we found the fish, we had 3-5lb Bonito smashing mirrolure topdogs mere feet from the boat – it’s incredible to see these speedsters smash a plug with incredible force. Often the lure disapears in a giant hole in the water.

Tonight’s Dinner was devine.

Bonito – good fishing, great eats and a price you can’t beat ([size=18][color=red][b]$200/half-days!!!!!!![/b][/color][/size]).

REMAINING DATES – May 1rst, May 2nd (looks to be a beautiful day!!!), 4rth, 9th, and the 13th and 14th (cancellations). I will be extending my special through the end of the month and i have some good dates open after the 14th – I also have lots of PM Dates still available!!!!