Sometimes they bite – sometimes they don’t. We had one of the most incredible stretches of weather this past week as it was SLICK CALM from 4/23 to 4/28. I mean SLICK. After three days of good fishing, everything seemed to slow down, spread out and shut down. It was like being in a stagnant pond. Truth be told, we did get into some decent bites but our friends the Bonito decided to vacate my region for a few days. We did get to see some great sights though – more mola-molas in a few days (saw 38 one day) than I’ve seen in the last few years combined, several leatherbacks and even a small GREAT WHITE SHARK. I did not get a picture of the small white (only about 10 feet long) but it was 100% a White as I have seen lots of basking sharks and they don’t have large white teeth.

Regular clients Dave and Sue were hear for a couple of days, and while we didn’t find any bonito (our intended quarry) we did have some fun with some other stuff. First day we got into an incredible gray trout bite – all of them were 14-20″ and we probably landed 70+ in several hours. We also yanked an approx 37″ drum out at the same time. We also found a few schools of snapper blues, played with some 17-23″ gag grouper and plenty of small seabass. We also found and played with plenty of NOT HUNGRY amberjacks, hooking a couple on stingsilvers (OUCH) and a couple on a popper – just weren’t able to land any. Good fun in beautiful seas – just missed the Bonito!





MOLA-MOLA – this picture was taken above surface! Not a ripple on the water…