This morning I fish with two really good buds (as it was too rough for most people) – Vernon and Captain Gordon Churchill. We wanted to leave at 0darkThirty but it was a WEE BIT ROUGH to run the inlet in the dark. Well, after surfing the 8 footers in the inlet, we pounded our way out.

Once we got there – Vernon made one blind cast. BANG- fish on! On his second cast, Gordon cast in the wake of vernon’s screaming fish – BANG, fish on! Gordon’s friends, who followed us out, both cast – BANG – fish on! We played with the two BonitO running all arond the boat in the steady 4-5 footers (most swell, little chop) – G’s fish almost spooled him at one point. Once we finally got them in, we tried this a few more times and called it a day before it got too nasty. On the way back in the inlet was much better on the incoming tide. Finished off the day with some pancakes and corned-beef has at the corner diner. I love fishin’ with these two – we always do really well.