Yup – you read here first, Bonito out of Beaufort. Unfortunately I do not have a picture for y’all due to the fact that we were catching and releasing…. (read below)

[b]PS – I STILL HAVE A FEW APRIL AND MAY BONITO DATES OPEN…but very, very few!!![/b]

Jeff and I headed out with the idea of Bonito on Fly dancing in our heads – the weather was finally nice, the water temp was right but all we could find were bazillions of bluefish. So we kept looking, remained patient and, after playing with a big mola-mola (ocean sunfish)…we found a few scattered pods of the bon-ey-tos. We worked them awhile, trying to get the fly in them to no avail…and then it happened, jeff made a perfect cast and got one on. He fought it for ten minutes, and when he got it to the surface – and it was a nice one, a really nice 7-8lb Bonito. But when I grabbed the leader and leaned over to the gunnel to tail him…the 25lb test leader snapped right below my hand. We were heartbroken – but it’s a LEGAL CATCH. We also had a couple on the spinning rod.

After they stopped popping and we only could find millions and millions of 1-3lb bluefish (i literally have no idea how many we landed)…we decided to try something vasty different and go to a little buck-tailing for flounder. In 45 minutes we caught some really big seabass, broke off several grouper and landed a bunch of flounder…..and our three biggest were 4lbs, a [b]5lb CITATION and a 5.5lb CITATION!!![/b] All on artificials!! Sweet!! (we also lost several – non-stop action)

What an awesome day!!

[b]Our three biggest – 4lbs, 5lbs, 5.5lbs – TWO CITATIONS![/b]


I’ve also been doing extremely well with the Red drum lately – there are some really big schools on the low-tide flats. One of my clients, Sean, and myself got to see a giant school tailing in less than two feet of water – it’s not something you see all that often down here…reds tailing on the low-tide flats. That day, in particular, it was tough for us to get a bite on the fly…but other times, they will eat anything you throw at them.

One great day, in particular, was with Jason and his father, Ron. Ron raised Jason right – he raised him to outfish him. He put a hurtin’ on Ron and he wasn’t all that upset. We found several very large schools pushing water on the low-tide flats and they were very hungry this afternoon…smacking just about everything we threw at them. We had several in the slot and several in the 30 inch range. (While JAson caught most the reds, Ron did hook a smokin’ big trout in small creek)

Awesome job guys!!!