I had heard of them out of Wilmington for a week or so, but Charles got lucky and we were actually able to get some decent weather and get out and look for the buggers. The SSTs looked good and Charles was ready to take a bit of a gamble. It was slick-calm, over-cast and misty and we found the magic water temp of 62 degrees. Never saw another boat all day and our gamble paid-off.

When we found the water temp, we found the Bonito – instantaneously. Charles hooked up in the blind on his first cast – and I can honestly say he landed the first Bonito of 2009 out of MHC/Beaufort Inlet!

We picked away at them all morning with them coming at us in flurries – we even had some sparse surface action and caught a couple flinging stingsilvers to busting fish. We also found a decent class of 2-3lb bluefish but the waters were surprisingly devoid of the small blues.

We had a great time today and charles was incredibly happy – just awesome to spend a day on the water with someone who really appreciates everything!

All C&R today other than 1 gill hooked fish that I took home for some sushi and searing on the grill (thanks Charles!).