This morning Katie and I went out with my friend Madison (in his boat – so i was incognito) to do a little Bonito scouting. We got a little bit of a late start, but no worries – we checked out the “pack” first and no one was catchin nothing. We plugged away for a bit and decided to try somewhere else – and we were rewarded. We hooked up immediately – 10 minutes later katie brought a beautiful 7lb Bonito to the boat – the first of the year. I soon made it a double with another big 7lb Bone. We were all very happy and decided to switch tactics and try to get one on the fly pole – no takes – but it was still a lot of fun. Knowing that the Bonito are now bustin’ – we headed in early to try to cash in on the awesome seamullet bite.

The Seamullet bite was again outstanding and we were immediately in the fish bring them up steadily on speck-rigs. While there were more smaller fish mixed in today than last week, most were between 10ozs and a pound – and katie caught the biggun’ of the day…a big shouldered 1.5 pounder. We kept a half-dozen or so for eatin’ Also mized in were lots of gray trout (some were actually keepers today!). Back at the dock by noon…Thanks again Madison!

Look forward to more reports guys – i will be out after these guys almost everyday for the next month (when I’m not at the Roanoke).

[b]OPEN BONITO DATES: April 17th, 21rst, 22nd(sat), 23rd(sun), 27th – MAy 15-19th, 21rst (sun).[/b]

A few of the bigger mullet…