On Friday I had the absolute pleasure of fishing with Mike and Matt – I would have loved to get these boys on some drum, but my brand new Jones Brothers Bateau is not yet finished – so we decided to go do some searching and see what we could drum up. The ocean was slick calm and a brisk 55 degrees in the morning. But the air was warm and the conditions perfect – but the water was still a bit too cold and the snapper blues had not yet moved in. So we hit a trout hole – nada. Albacore? Nada.

So I decided to try to do a little jigging for greys and sea mullet – and the bite was on fire. We brought up small (8-11″) grays two at a time on speck rigs tipped with Gulp! cut bait and found a steady sea mullet bite within the droves of grays. The good news is that he majority of the mullet were BIG (10-14ozs) and would slam the jigs with force putting up a decent fight actually. Matt was really excited to learn that they’re delicious tablefare and kept a dozen or so for dinner….and released countless grays.

The really great part about the day was taking two experienced anglers and (since the fishing was slow) putting them on a bite that they would have never thought twice about….and then watching them have an absolute blast in the process!!!

It doesn’t get any better than that – I really look forward to getting you two on board again – hopefully for Boniters or the Roanoke.