Today the weathermen (and women) defied us again – and this time, they were so wrong that i’m ready to kick some ass.

The offshore forcast was calling for light and variable winds starting to build in the late afternoon to 10 to 15 knots out of the NE.

At 5:30am we were leaving the inlet and heading out to the general area of the rise – 45 miles out and in 75 degree water we put out the lines…and then the fog rolled in, so thick you couldn’t see from the bow to the stern. Within 30 mins we had a 30# wahoo in the boat and lost two nice yellowfins on the flat lines…and the wind started to build, fast. 10 to 15 like the weathermen said? No. 20-25 knots straight out of hte NNE. We pulled the lines and decided to head back to beaufort – in the huge wind sea, for over two hours we could only make 8-10 knots. Five hours later, soaking wet and bruised, we cruised through the inlet.

It is this type of day that should remind y’all how bad things can get, very very quickly. I am confidant that if we, or anyone, in a boat smaller than 23-25′ would have not made it back alive.