This week has been horrible weather – and today shows what one day of north wind will do. It turned everything around. From horrible to excellent in hours.

This morning started off better than average (at least for the past week) – scattered albies here and there. We got a few shots and headed on, finding an excellent bluefish bite. Busting fish, all hammering juvenile cutlass fish, in the 2-5lb class….about as big as you can ever expect to catch in NC in the fall. This lasted all day and was excellent fun – while I heard some of radio gossip of 10lb bluefish, it was nothing more than gossip.

Midday we went looking for the big reds, and we found a few in short order. We ended uo getting 5 bites and hooking 4 – all of which we pulled off (horrible tough luck)….so how did I know they were reds? My lovely wife was fishing in a friends boat and landed two 45″+ reds right next to us. I’ll post some pictures later 🙂

Around 1pm someone turned on the light switch. Baitballs appeared. As did the albies – BIG albies. Almost every one we landed were 13-15lbs+. Mike even managed a real “life time” fish of 20lbs! The action was excellent and the fish were just frothing the surface….but the problem was they took 20mins+ to land. Pretty soon it was dark and we were headed in late.

I have to give Mike and Jamie a lot of credit….they suffered through a week of horrible weather but were rewarded by a great final evening. Thanks guys!