Tuesday 12/28 – I was having some routine maintenance done on my boat when I heard of a good striper bite. I got the boat in the water and made the tail end of the bite – pulled in two nice fish very quickly and had a really nice fish break the line after about 5-10 minutes. Then the shad boats (from louisiana) came…and waddaya know, the stripers stopped biting. I saw them throwing stripers (commercial season is closed) onto the deck, and marine fisheries was called shortly and they were given tickets for illegal stripers. My spirits were brighted by the 4 or 5 humpback whales crusing through the area – awesome animals that we don’t get to see all that often.

Wednesday 12/29 – Weathermen lied again, a building west wind lead to some nasty conditions. Marked tons of bait and fish – but I could not coax a single hit. We called it a half-day and went in early only to be greated by a very nasty inlet. Thursday would be much better – told you so Robbie!

Thursday 12/30 – The day started off slow for Greg and Co. – we covered close to 90 miles, working school after school of shad. I marked tons of bait and tons of stripers…but they weren’t hungry. With only a horndog to speak of, we watched a humpback whale breech for a while and fished into the afternoon. Our Persistance paid off!! At 2:30pm – all hell broke lose. All of a sudden, the fish turned on and we were getting strikes every time we passed over shad (and even big schools of stripers!)! The reels were screaming and the rods bending – we fished until dark and came in content. The striper’s stomachs were packed with giant pogies! I can’t wait for tomorrow! 😉

The season is just starting!!! I still have good january dates available!