12/22 – Scott and I got to get out and hunt this beautiful morning – it was a chilly 35 degrees and very clear with a brisk N/NE wind (wrong again weather fools). We set the dekes, drank some coffee and got ready.

5 minutes after shooting light we got the first bird of the day – a black scoter that decided to crash the party. Then, after some scoter fly-bys and many other close calls at 10 minutes after 7am the day was complete – a big pair of ducks lit on our puddler decoys and cupped their wings right in front of the blind. We stood up and down fell two pintails.

I crippled mine and it ended up being one of the hardest cripple retreives I’ve ever had to do – she was diving up and down (submarining) in a two foot chop and swimming into the sun. While we were going after her – 30+ bluebills lit right in our decoys.

In my opinion there is no bird prettier than a drake sprig – and in our three hunts this year, we’ve had shots at a sprig each time. Looks to be a good year for them.

We also had a group of 100+ bluebills work the spread but we were too patient with them and they decided not to come in!! We also watched some serious groups of redheads flyin’ high today – lots and lots of redheads (we were not targeting them today – takes special tactics). Rounded out the day missing a point blank shot at a bluewing teal. Sheesh.

Wow – what a day. We still have good dates open in Jan.

Scott’s sprig: