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12/15 – As always, Scott and I did our traditional opening day hunt (and blind brushing) and the conditions were perfect. NE 20-25 and cloudy. It was snotty out there. Really snotty.

We were pretty covered up in birds too. Most black ducks – and as many as I’ve ever seen decoy. 15 minutes after legal shooting time, we had 12 light at 40 yards and swim into the dekes…durign this time we had 4 gadwall working us, two pintails swirling…but the blacks were too much to bare. We jumped them and took two studs – a big hen and a surprise hyrbrid black (pictured below). Just a hint of green in the head with a very dark body. During the coures of the day, we had at least 4 other pairs decoy in, some giving us two looks and locking up at 20 or so yards. Amazing – simply amazing for the open water.

Also doubled on two BWT, I wiffed several wigeon (scott took 1) and we took 5 scoters with 2 shots out of a large knot of them. Awesome! Spent the rest of the morning wishing for a sprig – we saw them but couldnt make it happen.

2 guns – 2 blacks, 2 BWT, 1 wigeon, 5 scoters.

12-17 – Final day of blind brushing, etc…..but if you’re going to be on the water with 20-25 knot NW winds and temps in the 30s….you need to be hunting.

First thing – 7am….4 gadwall lock up at 25 yards. I wiff an easy, easy shot and connect on my second. Scott’s gun jams – otherwise 1 or 2 more would have gone down. 10 minutes later – 2 big black ducks come in high, make a pass at 35 yards and lock up at 20. 2 dead birds and they are stud redlegs…..mine might make the wall. Black Duck drakes are so special to me…i want to mount just about everyone I bring down.

Later one…another pair of blacks decoys in to 20 yards…let them go. Then another pair…then 6 more lock up and come in to 25 yards. Since when do this many black ducks decoy so perfectly in one day?

Scott finished off our quick hunt with a young drake pintail that came in on a string – pretty as can be.

2 guns – 2 black ducks, 1 gadwall, 1 pintail