This week I actually got to get out and do a little hunting of my own – as we’ve started to work on our blinds and prepare for the 07-08 third split of the season…I’ve got a good bit a scouting in and had the bead on some decent concentrations of birds.

Today (the 28th) I did a solo morning hunt – and it was one for me to remember. I found good numbers of blue wing teal, gadwall – and I had a couple pairs of black ducks swimming in the decoys (the season is closed until Dec 1). Today I shot the lights out – killing 6 birds in 7 shots. 4 blue wing teal and a pair of gadwall. The pair of gaddies was a true double – my first this season. And, on top of that, the drake is an awesome specimen – it has some of the best plummage I’ve seen in one this early. The plummage on the teal was a bit dissapointing but i saw better ones just out of range….next time.

On monday a buddy and myself also had a great hunt – bluewings, gaddies (including an awesome drake)…and black ducks swimming in the decoys (you know they won’t do this on Dec 1rst). We also so pintails and a few bluebills.

Overall, an encouraging number of birds – the late season should be quite good to us.

A few photos: