Expect some more good trout fishing until we forget about them to chase some cape lookout stripers!

11/26 – This morning I fished with Tim and his father Dan – the target species was albacore on the fly. Unfortunately, the terrible thanksgiving blow muddied up the water and dropped the temperature a bit under what I like for consistant albacore fishing. While we did find a few scattered big fish, they were so spread out it was very hard to get a fly to them.

With the poor albacore fishing, Tim and Dan were interested in trying something different – so we went and did a little speckled trout fishing and it was darn good. It started off slow but picked up fast and we really got into the big fish – these expert smallmouth anglers really wore them out. We had probably 15-20 fish in the 2-4lb range with the biggest being a gorgeous 22.5″ 4lb *Citation* In addition to the bigguns, they picked away at the spike trout landing probably 30-50 in the 11-15″ range.

All but one trout (who took a hook in the grinder) were released.

I wish the albacore were still here – but good job guys!

[b]4lb Citation – Released![/b]

11/27 – I had the pleasure of fishing with Carl and his son Garret this morning. We were hoping for some big trout but unfortunately they never materialized. And man, we worked for those specks so hard…sometimes you just can’t seem to get them to bite. Even so, we did catch around 40 11-15″ spike trout – not what we were looking for but still a good day nonetheless! Great fishing with you two!!