11/18 – Fished this morning with Dan of Newport – he’s new to the area but a vetern speck fisherman and wanted to learn a bit more about the area. We worked for the fish hard that morning but encountered a very slow bite – but he did manage two big fish (2lbs and 1 a few ounces shy of 4lbs – pictured) both on riptide flats chubs. We fish some GULPS pretty hard but only came up with blowfish and a few short strikes.

As the morning waged on we tried a few new holes and come noon – BANG, they fired right up. With the full moon they must have been feeding at night en force…but i’ve noticed this with other fish as well (flounder and grouper to name a couple) – they bite like crazy in the afternoon. For several hours we had fish on almost every cast – nice 12-15″ spikes. They were small but legal – can’t complain with that. Even so, Dan kept his two larger fish for dinner – releasing the others to fight another day.

11/19 – Didn’t fish but i heard it was a wee bit slow.

11/20 – Took out John and his brother David for a short afternoon trout half-day. John got a fish on his first cast and for several hours we had fish coming at us in waves – they weren’t big today, but they were good solidly legal fish between 13 and 14″. Also in the mix was a nice 2lb gray đŸ˜‰ Theyeasily got their limit to the boat but were culling out the smaller fish and we also left a few spots open for some of the more elusive larger fish.

Every spot we tried had fish and we caught them steady until it was almost too dark to see.

I had a great time with you guys – I hope to see you back again for Duck Season or some more fishin’!