Today is my only day off this week – so i do what a guide does on his off – GO FISHING. I persuaded “Trophy Trout Hunte Katie” to take a day off to fish, as the weather was gorgeous and I needed to do a little recon for my upcoming charters.

We got a late start (puppy needed a walk), and we got some gas and cruised down the beach to look for some albies. The water was dead calm and not much was happening – BUT, after an hour or so of searching we came across a giant ball of bay anchovies being CRUSHED by the albies – it was last week all over again! I tied on a tan over white clouser and on my first cast – the fight was on! Twenty minutes later, a nice 15lb or so albie came to the boat. Then it was katie’s turn – with the fish still busting it didnt take long – she double-hauled the line out 40ft, right into the bait, and waited for the albies to come and crush them – within a few seconds, i heard the fly line scream through the guides and the fight was on! Twenty or so minutes later and katie’s first ever albie (~15lb) on the fly came to the boat! She was all smiles for the rest of the day!

As soon as they appeared – the albies vanished. We decided to hit the outgoing tide to try one of my favorite speckled trout holes. We pulled up, set the anchor and we both hooked up on our first casts! For the first twenty minutes, we landed 25 or so 2-3lb fish and over the next two hours the fish got smaller and smaller until they averaged around 13-14 inches. During that time, we landed (and released) over 100 trout with not a single short in the mix. Every cast produced a fish, and it doesn’t get better than that. I can’t wait for the weekend – i still have both days open and the fishing is going to be hot!