I took out Kevin and DJ – fisherman who frequent the areas of the western pamlico in hopes of tracking down some of those big specks. We worked a lot of my favorite holes hard – and we managed a very good first hour of fishing and a very last hour of fishing (always good to end it on a good note).

Within minutes, at the first hole, we brought in close to 7 3lb fish and lost a few more. But, the farther we worked back into the marshy areas – the smaller and sparser the fish became. For the most part, the NE gale pushed the fish out of the upper reaches of the rivers. Who knows, with a warm front they might turn on again. But we continued to work several more holes, picking up a fish here and there before we found a very good bite at the end of the 6 hour trip.

Overall, we managed 15 nice keepers (and a good amount of short spikes) with most in the 2-3lb range.

Great job guys – i hope you come back for some winter stripers 😉