With NE winds blowing 20-30knots, the conditions were not favorable for fly casting to albacore so I decided to go trout fishing with my two best buds – my fiance katie and Scott Crocker of www.shacklefordcharters.com. So we loaded up on live shrimp and headed out around 8:30am.

Before trying some trout holes, we popped out of the inlet so that katie could catch a quick albacore. Fish were busting all over the place, and it didn’t take long (see picture).

Once we arrived at one of our favorite trout holes, it didn’t take long before we started catching trout. Big, fat 2-3lb specks were coming to the boat on almost every cast. Fiesty and aggressive, they were slamming our GRUBS(!!) with absolute gusto. After about an hour of fishing, Katie caught her fish of the year. She cast our her grub (yes, a GRUB) and something SLAMMED it. The fish made an initial run of 30-50 yards (for a second i thought it was a drum or an albacore) and she continued to battle the big fish for close to five minutes before the giant speck came to the boat and rolled at the surface. As I jumped around screaming (and being useless), it took scott three or four tries to get the fish into my rather large rubber landing net. Then we all went nuts, of course. I’ve always said katie could be a guide if she wanted!

I know people will ask me what color/style grub caught this monster fish and if you want to find out, send $20 to captain scott – he is going to start selling and marketing his “secret formula” come next fall! Right Scott? 😉 😉 😉

Over four hours we caught between 75 and 100 speckled trout in the 2-8lb range (almost all fish were between 2 and 3.5lbs). We kept a total of 9fish – throwing the rest back to fight another day. Every single fish was caught on an artificial – the live shrimp only produced giant 1lb+ pinfish.

What a day! Don – you really should have charted me today!!!!!