Today I got to hunt with my Dad, for a change and we ended up having a great morning. It was a cold bluebird day with light (10-12 knot) North winds. The action started off quick with a small group of b’bills and a lone scoter that we wiffed on. Than we (ahem, dad) accidentally laid-out two drake mercruisers in one shot right before a group of black ducks started working us. With 20+ black ducks in the air, a single came in low and cupped up. I laid it out…except it wasn’t a black duck but an immature mallard drake. The 2nd mallard I’ve killed on the open water this year – and mallards are RARE on the open water.

We had great action all morning – scoters and buffies in waves. We ended up with 4 scoters (including a prime surf thaqt my dad is having mounted) and either snoozed or just wiffed on about 5 different groups of birds. We also had nice group of about 50 b’bills light on us (we each took a drake). In addition, we had good puddle duck action this morning – we had sveral groups of pintails fly over and/or work us and we probably saw 50+ black ducks. The cold front definitely has some birds moving down and the artic blast scheduled for next week should really help us end the season with a BIG BANG.

We still have good dates available for next week (including Sat the 20th) – this upcming cold front should really bring us some serious birds. If you want to have some good late season action, it’s time to give us a call.

[b]Two very different birds taken within 5 minutes of each other…[/b]

[b]Most of the bag – minus two scoters that i already cleaned and a mergie.[/b]