Richie from Monroe, NC booked me in order to get a little jump start on the saltwater fishing learning curve. Tired of the over-pressured bass lakes of southern NC, Richie got himself a really salty, new boat and had not much success as of late. So he hired me for two full days – and he wanted the whole shebang – knots, rigging, better understanding of local weather patterns, inshore (flounder, trout etc) as well as nearshore king fishing.

The weather was calling for very calm seas and light winds on monday – well, in the morning the winds were calm but the seas were not light – 4-5 foot swells in very close proximity. We decided to stay closer to shore in case the weathermen were wrong in their wind forcasts – so we motored to a spot a few miles off of the beach. With the water temp hovering around 68.5 i was a bit sceptical, but i marked some bait so we put a couple of chub mackerel in the water. Within a few minutes both lines were screaming – two 10-15lb kings came to the boat. The bite was constant for over three hours and within 90 minutes we had our limit of 6 kings between 10-15lbs.

Around noon the seas laid down to an almost dead calm, so we jigged up some live baits (Beautiful big cigars, boston and chub mackerel). We headed out to a live bottom spot to do a little bottom fishing and when we got there – there were four boats all hooked up with kings. So we put our lines and BAM the lines were screaming – we caught and released kings for severel hours. We didnt even try to bottom fish and as Richie put it – why leave a bite when it’s so amazing? We motored back to the inlet come 4pm in the slick calm seas.