It’s been a great week – amazing, calm weather and red hot fishing to match it.

[b]OPEN DAYS: My weekend are almost entirely gone but i still have good weekdays available…starting with the 13th of Oct (Mon) I have th 14-17th, a few days between the 22nd and 24rth, 26th (Saturday), 30th (thurs) and Nov 1-3 (Sat-Mon). After that i am almost booked solid except for the 11th (tues – vets day), the 17-19th and the 22nd and 23rd (sat and sun).[/b]

[b]Backwaters[/b] – the drum bite is good and getting better as the weather cools. The topwater bite is hot in the early AM and popping corks and spinnerbaits have been key after the sun comes up. The fish are active and hitting hard – just like October!!!

The SPECKLED TROUT have also started schooling and are getting much more active during the day – we’ve had some good catches on the side recently. Next week should be RED HOT. They really bite well on the moon tides.

The flounder bite is also quite decent on the wrecks, in the surf and around the docks.

[b]NEARSHORE OCEAN[/b] – THE OCEAN IS ALIVE. The Big stovepipe spanish are all over the wrecks and shoals, there are MILES of albacore around the cape (some on small baits, others big baits), the amberjacks are schooled tight and will pile on just about anything you throw at them….the king mackerel bite is EPIC on some of the live-bottoms. That’s just a taste.

[b]No matter what you choose – you cannot go wrong. This year has been one of the best overall fishing years I have ever experienced…and it’s only going to get better.[/b]

10/4 – It was slick calm and I beat up Brant and Jessie…by making them reel in too many big fish. First it was big spanish and albacore – it was pretty automatic. Jesse caught a lot on the spinning rod and brant wacked the alberts on the fly. Most fish were in the 4-8lb range but we did have a few in the 12lb range. There were spanish mixed in…and spinner sharks jumping all around the boat.

Then we went on to the amberjacks – we had hundreds around the boat. Live bait fishing wasnt even fun it was so easy. They were all over the poppers and fly rod though.

[b]A few drum photos from this past week….[/b]

Gary gets a few photos because he WACKED them on the skitterwalk this morning. He was a champ and had all the luck!

George with his first slot drum! (He also caught 4 speckled trout and lost a really big one!)

Danny with a nice slot drum..

Edmond with a nice slot fish…