Tough day today – all the west wind had the water stained and the bait/fish scattered. We found plenty of albies first thing but they were “sippers” and it was rough going.

We decided to go offshore as the wind laid out and it was a good decision – we found a nice little bite. Ended up with 8+ albies in the 12-16lb range with a 21lb monster. Also lost severel and had a couple mackerel bite offs. Also tangled with the jacks a bit – but they were picky and were mostly 60lb bruisers. We hooked and lost a couple…but I was quickly reminded how much more I enjoy the 30lbrs…

Regardless – great day amid tough conditions.

This upcoming NE blow and corresponding colder temps are really going to clear the water up and get the fish chewing – quick! Just what we needed – right in time!

Eric with his 21lb bruiser!!