I took out Kay and Greg hoping to teach them a little bit about catching speckled trout on artificials in the marhses and local holes. As they learned, you don’t have to toss live shrimp at the cape lookout rock jetty to catch specks! The bite was on early and we were hooking up on our first casts – the action was pretty steady on into mid-morning when we called it a day. I only had to try a few holes to get on the fish and while they weren’t big (all were 12-16 inches) they were numerous. Kay and Greg probably caught 30-40 fish between them, but we really didn’t keep count as it was a “fun fishing day” and all fish were released unharmed. I hardly had to do any work with these two – they were on the fish before i could set the anchor. Pretty soon they’re going to be bringing in bigger fish than any of the guides!

Kay and Greg are not only exceptional anglers (it was an honor to fish with such great fisherman) but amazing people in their own right. How often do you meet a husband and wife, who among other great feats, have both taken black bears with a BOW.