With these dropping water temp and the beautiful water clarity — the speckled trout fishing is TAKING OFF. You’ve seen the other reports and i’m to add to the pile. Every trip to the marsh and other various locations is producing many, many nice specks. GRubs, mirrolures – it doesnt matter. The fish are big, very hungry and they’re slamming artificials. Also in the mix are a lot of small puppy drum that add to the fun. I’ve been trout fishing every chance i get – before charters, after charters, etc etc etc The problem is is that i don’t have any anglers wanting to target them – in fact i dare someone to book me for specks!!! This (and next week) should be PERFECT – i have open dates AND the light northeat winds whould prevail!

Another speckled trout picture testimonial (all photos are from 90 minutes of fishing):