First – a couple of things. Every single fish caught in these reports were caught with artificials – never, once did we use bait of any sort. [b]The trout fishing is seriously some of the best that I’ve ever experienced. [/b]

Open Dates: Nov 1, 2, 4, 5am (half-day!), 7-9, 10pm

10/30 – For some odd reason I was not booked today and it was beautiful….and that’s never the case! The night prior I had called my buddy Captain Gordon Churchill and told him about an awesome slough I’d found with the boat that was reachable from the surf. So I met up with Gordo and our friend Vernon at 0dark30 the next morning and went off to do my favorite type of fishing – surf fishing for big trout.

From dark on – it was automatic – every cast we had hits and we caught big trout left and right–and every fish was over 1.5lbs. We had caught our limit before 7:30am and were tossing 3lb trout back left and right. As Gordo said – there is nothing likefishg with some good friends, watching the sunrise while big trout slammed our mirolures. Seriously one of the best days of fishing I’ve ever had.

After we cleaned our trouts, we dunked gordos boat and hit a trout hole. IT was automatic – fish on every cast. We probably caught and released 50 before we got bored and went in after less than an hour of fishing. I even dug through Vernon’s tackle box and found a rubber cricket he used from bream – and so he put it on a jighead and BANG – he immeadiatly caught a trout on a RUBBER CRICKET (picture included).

10/29 – Today I had a large group (four people) and so we decided to take the Parker and do a little fishin’. Jason and Christina are young newly-wed teachers who are new to the area and Jason wanted to take his parents, Joe and Linda, fishing.

As they had never fished in saltwater before and were new to spinning rods, I gave them all a little casting seminar and we went out to look for some trout. It didn’t take long – on his first cast, Joe landed the first speckled trout of the day. A nice little 14″ keeper. During the 6hr charter, we fished for specks about 4 hours and in that time period, with only two people casting at a time, my crew landed over [b]130[/b] speckled trout – keeping 20 and a flounder. While the majority of the trout were between 11 and 14″ – that it a huge number of fish. However, in the fray, they were able to pull out three 2lb fish. Great job guys!

10/28 – Today, again, I got to fish with another one of my best clients – David from Virginia. The wind was howling and the rain was blowing – but it didn’t bother David, so it didnt bother me. I picked him up from the Beaufort Inn at 0dark30 and we were fishing before the sun came up. It wasn’t 15 minutes before David landed his first ever speckled trout – a beast that went 3lbs 13ozs on an official scale (just short of citation!). DAvid then proceeded to “wear out” the trout and I barely made a dozen casts as I netted and photographed his fish – during the first two hours of the charter, he landed 25+ trout with 6 or so fish breaking the 1.5lb mark. Of those he kept 3 and one smaller fish that was hooked poorly. As the tide dropped – the flounder turned on and David landed three keepers (he was even nice enough to give me one for my dinner).

It was then that the drum appeared. For the next hour, David caught drum on almost every cast landing upwards of 30 of the beautiful fish – releasing all of them. All of the pups were between 15-20″ – he wa amazed at how well they pulled.

David – that was seriously one of the best half-day cahrters I’ve ever had.

Tally: INSHORE SLAM and 25+ trout, 3 keeper flounder and 30+ drum

10/27 – Today I got to, again, fish with one of my favorite clients, Don. He dying for an inshore slam and some serious trout action. Well, we hit the water at 0dark30 and were fishing right as it started to get light. Being that it was only Don and I – I got to fish some too and that always makes me excited!! Within minutes we were hooked up – but not with trout. Some big ol’ reds decided to crash the party and we both landed some goregeous mid-slot fish that we released to fight another day. After landing several more drum, we were finally into the trout – they weren’t big, but they were biting. As ther tide hit dead low – bang, we ran into another snag, Flounder – lots of them. It wasn’t get 7:45am and the two of us already had our INSHORE SLAMS. But seriously, the flounder bite was so good that Don LIMITED OUT on flounder using GRUBS and the two of us lost countless flatties right at the boat.

So for the next few hours we poked around with some more flounder and trout until the tide was right for one of my holes. And when we hit it – it was on. It was just about every cast for 90 minutes. While the fish were mostly small (14-16″) we were able to pull a nice 3.5lb fish out and lost several more at the boat. Great day, as always Don!

10/26 – AFter being sidelined for two days with a scratched cornea, I was finally about to get out any check out the trout bite for the week. With a couple hours of daylight left, I launched the boat and headed to a little hole of mine. Well, what do you know – the fish were there.In 90 minutes I landed 8 trout between 1.5 and 3lbs, a dozen or so spike trout, 2 drum and two keeper flounder. There you go – INSHORE SLAM. I also spent more than half the time I was fishing on the phone! How PATHETIC is that? I kept a trout and flounder for a couple dinners and also another flounder for my friend, Captain Scott Crocker.