I only have a few dates left during all of October – it’s peak season so jump on one of these if you want to experience some of North Carolina’s finest inshore action – [b]open: Oct 17th, 18th, 25th, 27th (cancellation), 30, 31rst and Good November dates.[/b]

[b]Red Drum[/b] – The bite is as spectacular as it has been during the last two months. There are still good numbers of shrimp around and the reds are in fast pursuit busting them up and down the shorelines. We’ve seen lots of schools of fish and they are AGRESSIVE!! A few days this past wek we landed upwards of 20 reds on spinnerbaits and top-waters.

We also had some fantastic [b]tailing[/b] tides this past weekend – we averaged getting shots at between 8 and 30 fish each day. It’s not great catching but is fantastic fishing. I only have 1 tailing date open during the entire rest of the year – Oct 25th.

[b]Speckled Trout[/b] – Down in the coastal regions, the first full moon of october is what it takes to fire up and get the big speckled trout moving. They showed up, just like clockwork and we had some very nice catches this week – granted we did not catch huge numbers but just about every speck we’ve caught has been between 2 and 3.5lbs. It’s only going to get better and better and better over the upcoming couple of weeks SO GET READY. This past week I even lost one that I estimated between 6 and 8lbs – she came out of the water and shook her massive head. I am still heart broken.

10/11 – I had the absolute pleasure of fishing with the super accurate fly caster Dave and his wife Dr. Beth this afternoon -great people and probably some of the most fun I’ve had in a good while. We started off doing the tailer thing and with all the water we found fish for the better part of 3 hours. Every flat we went to held fish and we had shots at over 30 fish, easy…spooking countless more that we didn’t see until we were right on top of them. Dave has fly skills to envy – I would tell him to cat 12 inches in front of a fish and he would put it right were i asked him, just about every time. He was rewarded too – he had 4 take his fly, 2 spit it early, 1 we pulled the hooks on and one he horsed in through the thick grass. AWESOME.

We ended up the day on a bay just chalk full of reds – we cught numerous rats and Beth found her mojo landing 2 28-30 inchers on spinnerbaits. Way to go!!!

Can’t wait to have y’all back!

A few other photos from the past two weeks – i’ll spare you all the photos of people with slot reds in lou of a couple of the most memorable. I think people are getting bored of all my hundreds of photos of people holding reds.

Bill and John with their fish – we had a GREAT day that day and got shots at lots of tailers.

And a few of my own photos – I had the luxury of having a whole 1.5 days off last week (pheww!) and of course, I went fishing. One day, I Called my good client DaveDownEast to come rid along – see, when you charter me 4 or 5 times a year and live down the street…ocassionally you get an invite.

I told him I was going to try to outfish him 😆 …and I won 😉

First drum of the day – a 34″ fish that came out of less than a foot of water.

3.5lb trout. I’ll Dave his due – he lost a BIGGUN!

The next day, I dropped my clients off and went to hit a trout hole. I landed 3 drum (15, 28 and 30″), 1 20″ flounder and 3 18-20″ specks…and I lost a beast of speck. She slammed a tsunami swim-bait, came to the surface and shook her massive head in what seemed like slow-motion and made a blistering run before pulling the hooks…i estimated her at 6-8lbs. That was my fish of the year, but I’m going to keep trying.