The funny thing about the king bite lately is that it’s been extremely hot – but very spotty at the same time. Basically this means that one day the cape has an amazing bite, a couple of days later the barge wreck will be on fire then 315 – and so on. I keep up with the dockside banter (no fish or pictures – i dont believe it!!), watch the winds, keep track of bait – and its possible to predict a good bite.

I took out Terry and Chris today in the hopes of boating some of those fat fall kings – and BOY OH BOY were we rewarded. At one of my favorite spots we had kings skying all around us as we were trying to jig up bait – i emphasize trying because the kings were making mince meat of my sabiki rigs – chomping the baitfish as we reeled them up! After jigging up some nice cigars, huge sardines and boston macks…the first bite came in the propwash as i was puttin the first line out – BAM 10lb king. After a photo op, the 2nd bite came as i put the line into the prop wash – BAM 15lb king. This went on for two hours as we boated 8 kings with AUTOMATIC hookups! They were hitting the boston mackerel so hard and so fast that they backlashed the reels as i was putting the bait back! After those two hours were up, the bite slowed to the point that we would get a knockdown every 5-10 minutes (sheesh, the waiting!). It was then that we brought in a fish in the low 30s and lost three SMOKERS – one almost spooled a TLD15 before biting through 50lb WIRE!!!! The action was simply incredible – we seriously couldn’t keep the bait in the water.

The weather started to worsen, so we called it a halfday and ran in through a very nasty inlet. All in all, it was a day of good ol’ fall kings – like i love them. We had maybe 20 knockdowns and all 12 fish were over 10lbs with 5 in the 20s and one in the 30s – and the big boys just got away today (oh well, there’s always next week!!!). I tailed every fish and, All but the pictured 10lber were released – Great job guys!!!