I apologize for the lack of reports but I have been fishing day in and day out for the entire month with barely a moment to spare – and combined with taking katie and family members fishing before and after charters my schedule has been PACKED. But with fishing THIS GOOD – i can’t think of a single reason to not be on the water!


The [b]speckled trout[/b] bite is amazing. We’re catching fish on both tides, regardless of conditions. The class of fish this year is incredible- the fish we’re seeing are here in fantastic numbers and are[b] almost all running in the 1.5-4lb range with the average fish at over 2lbs!!![/b] While the hard blows occasionally dampened the bite for a day or two, we’re averaging catches of 15-30 fish per charter with even larger catches possible.

The [b]red drum[/b] are still chewing hard – the 15-17″ buggers are EVERYWHERE and the slot fish are schooled up in big concentrations and can be found from the marshes to the surf zone. When you find one, you’re going to find a whole bunch.


When we have the weather, the [b]king mackerel [/b]bite has been excellent from the beaches out to 20+ miles. Just about every popular place has been hot – and all baits (dead and alive) are producing. There are also good numbers of big spanish mackerel on the east side of the shoals – many of them have been holding tight to structure while the kings have been off the structure – now is the PERFECT time to go after them with light tackle and/or the fly rod.

The [b]false albacore[/b] have been chewing well when we’ve had the weather to go after them – the bait is here and things are primed for another incredible november run. GET READY.

10/27 – Myself, Scott and My Dad spoked the specks Friday morning landing 20 between 2 and 3.75lbs – we caught them in every place we stopped. KIILER.

10/26 – Lee and his friends did well finding some nice schools of big slot reds in the surf zone and then picking away at nice trout in the marsh holes.

10/25 – The EPIC trout day of 2006 – we caught big specks everywhere we went. We put 75+ in the boat in the morning between 2 and 3.9lbs…after I dropped my charter off, I went to a little hole of mine and landed 12 from 2-4.5lbs in 15 casts (all released). After that, I met up with my buddy scott and we hammered them in the surf zone catching them all evening and into the night…i ended up keeping my limit of 10 fish for the smoker.

My limit…

10/21-10/23 – This weekend I had the absolute PLEASURE of fishing with McCoys. We had a fantastic time but unfortunately the weather and the fish didn’t agree. The wicked winds and cold front dampened the rod hot bite of the previos week…and this will happen every now and then in the fall. But we did pick away at the specks and managed a few black and red drum. They told me they brought the saltwater curse with them…but im going to do everything i can to break it for them in the future.

10/20 – I fished today with Mark and Teressa in howling SW winds (15-20 knots) yet we still foudn the spoecks chomping….and we managed 15 or so over 1.5lbs all on grubs. After the tide reached its peak we hit a few drum spots and immeadiatly found a BIG school of reds working shrimp and Teressa quickly landed her first fish. The only problem was that they were shallow and staying on them was a task, to say the least. Even so, these two were troopers and we managed a great catch in tough conditions.

10/19 – I fished in the evening for about 90 mins with Katie and her folks…and well, Katie outfished all of us. I mean, embarassed us. KAtie caught something like 15 2lb+ fish and everyone else landed between 2 and 5. KAtie had her technique down to a science – she would cast he tsunami jig up current and when it would come parallel to the boat, she’d flick it and the super aggressive trout would SMACK it right under the surface. Katie’s mom did end up with the biggest fish – right under 4lbs.

I also took katie’s folks trout fishing on the 18th – we had a nice little window of weather and found them snapping. While Katie’s mom is the fishermen at heart (she taught katie to fish and all), Terry had the hot hand today landing the most with 15 between 2 and 3.5lbs. But, yet again, KAtie’s mom got the biggest at right under 4lbs….I guess that type of skill and luck runs in the ladys’ side of the family.

Other noteable catches…

3.5lb Speck from the morning of 10/19

10/16 – Today I fished with David, his son Alex aand their friend Chris. We spent the first half of the morning chasing good pods of Albies around the Cape landing a few and breaking off a few more. After that, we went onto the kigns and big spanish. The bite was RED HOT and we blistered the kings getting many knockdowns and even managing a few big spanish in the mix. What a GREAT DAY.

10/15 – Phil and Josh with a few of their nice specks – all of which they released (AWESOME!).

10/12 – Brent managed this BEAST of a Drum (34″) tailin’ in the grass in less than 8″ of water…the fight was epic and he literally spooled us. When he hooked he cast to this fish, we had probably 6 fish tailing all around the boat…and I got some great video of a tailer right under the bow while he fought this beast.