Are y’all tired of of reading these reports of simply amazing redfishing? Obviously not as I currently have several GREAT DATES open:

[b]Wednesday the 4th, Thursday the 5th, Sunday the 8th (one of the best tailing tides of the year!!).[/b]

The last week:

9/25 – Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Kevin and his son David – and, of man, we found the motherload of redfish today. Something happened, the tides moon and everything came together – and a couple of my productive spots were simply loaded with shrimp…and redfish. Big schools of fish – 20, 30…100 fish. We saw over 30 seperate schools – the action was INCREDIBLE.

For hours, we watched schools bust shrimp and come screaming down the bank – pushing shrimp and pushing huge wakes. Some of the schools were so large that they had groups of gulls working them (see picture)! These guys were so amazed and would get so excited that they couldn’t quite get all their casts into the fray as the fish came running by the boat. But they persisted and managed to hook up with dozens of big reds using green and white spinnerbaits. Almost eveyr fish we hooked up was sight-casting to schools.

We landed a lot of slot fish today and had more than a few LDRs – including four over 30 inches. What an incredible day – I’m going to remember this one for a long time.

[b]Birds working a school of reds!![/b]

9/26 – Today I had the pleasure of fishing with a couple of good ol’ fly-fishin’ Yankees (and I say that with nothing but complete respect!) from Cape Cod. I had a great time with these two guys amd we even found a few fish to reel in between trading stories.

The action was not as hot as the day prior (how can you top a day like that!) but we still found several decent schools of fish pushing wakes down the bank and managed to catch a good number of rats – and Greg even landed a beautiful 3.5lb speckled trout on the fly rod. AWESOME!

I also got some great video of today – look for it once I learn to actually use photo-editing software.

It was a pleasure fishing with y’all! I apparently had a spot of water on my camera lense today – sorry guys 😳

9/27 – Today I had a great group of guys from Kentucky – Blake and his crew. Unfortunately, today was not our day. We started off looking for spaniards on the shoals – but wit hthe 15 knot NW wind, it was mightly nasty out there and we decided to try out luck elsewhere. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out for us.

Near Beaufort Inlet, we found huge schools of greenie shad and good numbers of BIG 3-6lb spanish…both of which were feeding on the same thing…..micro-bait. We worked our butts off landing 3 spanish on sting-silvers, losing several and NONE on live-bait…i couldnt get them to touch a live greenie. Being that it was really frustrating we decided to switch boat and look for the reds.

Unfortunately we didnt quite make the tide and the water dropped out around us quickly – we did catch a half-dozen small reds but it was dissapointing all the way around. Sorry guys that’s why we call it fishing – some days like this just happen.

9/29 – This afternoon I had the pleasure of fishing with Scott and his father – and we were after reds. We planned our day well around the tides and found the fish quickly.

First fish was a 2lb speckled trout on a white spinnerbait and after landing a few small rats we found our first school of fish pushing shrimp down the shoreline. Unfortunately the first school was really picky and didnt want anything to do with any of our baits – spinners, DOAs – you name it. So we moved on, and in doing so – we did the right thing.

Within minutes we found a good school and landed our first slot – a gorgeous 26″ fish. After that we kept moving and found several big school of 20-30 fish…and they came down the banks in waves busting shrimp. We landed several slot fish and ended the day with a “no-spot” rat!

Awesome guys – can’t wait to get you aboard again!

9/30 – Today I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend Anthony and his father-in-law, the birthday boy, George. We had a mission – break George’s “no catch redfish” curse. Not only did we break it – but he outfished all of us.

We worked several areas and found fish just about everywhere we went – no big schools tonight, just good scattered redfish. George’s first fish we a nice lower slot (20-22″) fish that literally ate his spinnerbait out of the air – awesome site. We caught a lot of rats tonight, including a nice 13 spotter. We ended the night when Antony hooked and landed an obese 26″ red that was simply stuffed to the gills with shrimp.

Always a pleasure guys – I can’t wait to do it again.

10/1 – Today I fished with Gary and Jason, and (again), redfish was our quarry. The wind was a bit weird today – it was steadily switching and in 4 hrs it went from N to NW to W to SW to S. Made for tough conditions but we still found fish.

Among some rats, we found a good concentration of fish busting shrimp on an isolated shoreline and Jason produced the first fish – a fat 31″ beast that screamed line all throughout the cove and even into the grass flats. We also LDR’d another biggun and had some awesome strikes on spinnerbairs in the grass. We didn’t have great numbers today but we did manage to catch a good handful of reds and had some good opportunities to boat nice slot fish.

Awesome fishing with you guys – look forward to doing it again. We’ll try to get Ron to come out too 😉