After too many weeks of waiting – I finally got my new trolling motor. Minn-Kota really came through for me and I was able to put a 70lb thrust autopilot riptide on my skiff. That is some serious power for my skiff!!! This past Sunday – one of my clients remarked that we could waterski someone behind the boat!! Ha!

Even with the rain – The inshore bite is still good and the topwater bite should continue to be great as long as the water is cloudy. In the near future – I have Friday the 14th,, Sunday the 16th and Tuesday the 18th open. Come catch some reds! The 18th is…GONE.

10/10 – After the decent topwater bite the day before, Katie and I wernt out after the rain stopped and fished for about 1.5 hours before it got dark. In that time we “raised” 9 fish to the topdogs – including a few that hit them 3-4 times. Didn’t land any – but the mosquitos were bad and it was getting dark. All Katie wanted to do was see one of those big reds “flush the toilet” under one of her baits – and she saw it several times!

10/9 – Had the pleasure of fishing with Kent and his son Cameron (ComfortablyNumb on NCW) for a few Reds on topwaters. A day after the “monsoon” the water was heavily stained but not all that cloudy. Nonetheless, we went to cloudy water tactics and broke out the topdogs. We managed 12 strikes in 2.5 hours and Kent landed a pretty little puppy that slammed a bait in less than 10″ of water. Cameron also managed a little speck that slammed the plug so hard that we thought it was a big red. We spent the last hour of the trip looking for tailers in the grass – we spooked 12 fish but didn’t get a legitimate shot at one (again – it’s some of the hardest fishing you’ll ever do). Not a great day overall but very good considering we had 10+ inches of rain the day prior!!

10/1 – 10/5 – Fishing was very consistant and much like the weeks prior – good numbers of Reds and great shrimpin’ when we could get away from the blowin’ wind.

Some pictures from 10/1, 10/2:

Will’s First drum!

Chris’s First Drum!